Epic Machines' leadership team and advisors are Silicon Valley technology veterans.  Our focus is fiercely customer centric.  We steer clear of heavy-handed manufacturers who expect us to sell their products in exchange for funded headcount and other monetary incentives.  


We have sacrificed many manufacturer relationships to do what's best for our clients.  Manufacturers need to support our clients, not force their product sales.  


Once we understand our customer's business requirements and team capabilities, our engineering and business teams use our product research and hands-on experience to define suitable technology candidates.  Only when a thorough understanding is reached, we will present a manufacturer solution.


We see hundreds of projects and transactions per month from over 250 technology manufacturers' product lines.  We know the price points you should be paying.  Our customers don't ever overpay.  


We have won industry awards and achieved growth over 200% each year since our start in 2012.