Epic Machines uses a 4-phase approach to tie in all stakeholders.

Assessment (Phase 1):  Establish Initial Value and Requirements Gathering

Epic Machines uses a number of tools and highly trained engineers to document a new customer’s environment.   They are then delivered and reviewed to assure we understand existing priorities, skill sets and areas of focus.  Beyond the technical details, Epic Machines engages in research to understand a customer’s business objectives, initiatives and drivers for the technology solutions being considered, deployed and upgraded. 


​Delivery of the First Solution (Phase 2):  Show Capabilities

After understanding the requirements for the initial project, we will draw solutions from our over 300 Technology Partners that we hold certifications from and have expertise to deploy. Epic Machines will work to deliver this critical 1st solution as directed by the client. This includes all account setup info, understanding co-term support contract renewal dates and reporting cadence for Operations and Vendor Management.


Engagement Cadence and Collaborative Planning (Phase 3):  On-Going Engagement

After our initial credibility is established by deploying a successful project, Epic Machines uses an engagement framework consisting of appropriate cadence of collaborative meetings with both Technical and Vendor Management teams. This allows us to continually adjust our approach and focus as directed by our customer’s stakeholders to bring the most value.  We also develop a set of Annual and Quarterly reports showing all projects completed and renewals to be budgeted for in the coming months and years.


Operationalized Maturity (Phase 4): High Value Team Extension

Epic Machines becomes an extension of the customers Technical and Vendor Management team, giving our on-going customers access to all the tools, resources and knowledge from similar deployments across our customer base.  This mature model gives Vendor Management visibility into pricing and discounting floors expected from our manufacturer’s product lines and discount realization strategies to achieve them.  Technical teams enjoy on-going briefings on emerging technologies that will address known areas of focus conveyed to the Epic Machines Account Management team.