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For small to medium organizations (and growing start-ups), recruiting, staffing and retaining highly sought after top-level network engineers is a daunting and expensive prospect.  Most of these organizations really only require junior to mid-level network engineering skills for normal operations. 

However, from time to time, the need for top-level network expertise will almost always arise. Solving this challenge puts a great deal of pressure on management to perform outside of their abilities.  Frantically trying to hire a consultant with significant unplanned expense is no fun, nor is it smart.

The Challenges

  • Hiring and retaining a full time network expert is tough in today's economy 

  • Consultants availability can be challenging and rates are expensive

  • Overpaying for an inflexible managed service provider is overkill and won't provide the level of care required

Combining Personalization and Expert Service from Epic Machines: Better Performance and Lowered Costs
To address this rising problem, we've developed a unique managed network service, offering personalized, expert on-demand network services, when you need them for a fraction of the cost of hiring an expert or a lengthy contract from a managed service provider.  

"Improved service and network performance at a fraction of the cost, with no additional hires."

 - CIO of well-known Silicon Valley startup.

Better Service, Less Hassle and Always Available

  • You get better service than you get from an employee, or group of employees

  • We take the load off HR

  • You don’t have to withhold taxes or pay/provide benefits

  • We don’t call in sick or take vacations

  • We don’t need a desk or a manager but are always available

Expert Level Service by Top Network Experts to Maintain Business Continuity

  • No NOC or phone trees to deal with - you are working with a real, top-level engineer by name

  • We are already there and we know your system inside and out

  • Address problems proactively, before you are aware

  • No unexpected expenses, available on-demand

Snapshot of Expert Managed Network Services

  1. We establish a VPN between our firewalls to access your systems

  2. Discover and document your systems with NetBrain

  3. Monitor your network and primary servers with LogicMonitor

  4. Respond to alerts and maintain your infrastructure

  5. Interface with Service Providers

  6. Provide monthly system utilization reports

  7. Quarterly network software image upgrades

  8. Semi-annual documentation reviews

  9. Customized dashboards for real-time system utilization reporting

  10. Planning and systems growth included

Discuss your network needs with us and let us show you how we can help.

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