State and Local Government & Education (SLED)

Epic Machines is a California Certified Small Business that is focused on providing technology products and solutions to the public sector with superior customer service and the best pricing.

Small Business Certification

* SB (Small Business Micro) Certification #1758772


City County of San Francisco - CCSF

* CCSF Local Business Enterprise (LBE) #93494

California Multiple Awards Schedule (CMAS)

* CMAS 3-15-70-3108A & CMAS 3-15-70-3108B

Board of Equalization California Resale Certificate Permit

* #102292132


* ERATE Spin #14342948

UNSPSC#'s & UNSPSC Classification Description

 * 43211500 --- Computers

 * 43211600 --- Computer accessories

 * 43212200 --- Computer data storage management systems